At Impact City, we are PASSIONATE about helping the next generation grow in their faith! Impact Students is where grades 6-12 connect to God, make friends, and grow spiritually!

Here is how we do it…


Every Thursday, students meet in our student space from 6:30-8pm for hangout, teaching, and group discussion. New students can join at any time!


Every student event includes some fun elements, to help students break the ice, have fun, and get to know each other. We believe God is fun, and church should be too!


We believe we were created to worship God, and at Impact, students are taught how to do that, through music, prayer, and Bible study. On Sundays, students are welcome to join our student section in the sanctuary, where they can worship alongside their peers!

Student Experience

Once a month, we beef up our Thursday gathering and call it our STUDENT EXPERIENCE! The students look forward to this monthly event, where they experience live worship, contests and prizes, pizza, a guest speaker, and the StreetCred store, which is an opportunity for them to spend the credits they’ve been earning all month!

Summer Camp and Fall Retreat

Every Summer and Fall, we join students from around the midwest at Camp Chautauqua for days and nights of fun! Students rave about their camp experience and count down the days until the next one!

Community Events

We want to help students not only learn about God, but get out into the world and make a difference for Him! Our community events not only provide a lot of fun and laughter, but also encourage students to share their faith and serve their community.

Who’s in charge?

Pastor Mindy Ross is the Co-Pastor of Impact City Church and Student Pastor for grades 6-12. Mindy is a mother of six, author, and bringer of the fun! She loves making learning fun, through illustrations, hands-on activities, games, and challenges.

She doesn’t work alone, though! Our team of 15-20 student leaders assists in mentoring, teaching, and leading the students every week!

For more information on our student ministry, please email