It has been the prayer of this church to reach the unreached people of our community, and connect them to everything God has for them. The great news is, God has been bringing them in! New families have been coming in every week, connecting to God through our modern services and Kid City programs, and finding a church they can call HOME. New kids are joining us in Kid City and begging their parents to bring them back! And we are overjoyed that God has heard our prayers and allowed us to reach them!

Our average Sunday attendance has grown by 35% this year!! Every week we are reaching 100+ children and students and that number is quickly growing! Between Sundays and Monday night student service, our student population is our fastest growing demographic in the church. We need dedicated space for these students to connect with God and each other. We can do this through our “Making Room for Sam” campaign!!

Who is Sam?

Sam represents the unreached child that you see in your neighborhood, the boy on the soccer team that doesn’t know Jesus, your friend in class you want to invite to church, or that troubled teen that needs a real friend. We all know a Sam, and we are praying for God to bring them into the church, BUT…we need to make room for Sam.

How can you help?

You can help reach more families, and reach more Sams, by committing to give to this campaign.  We have made it easy, by providing several options.

Please prayerfully consider which option is the right choice for you. Thank you in advance for helping us MAKE ROOM FOR SAM!!

Current Kid City Space

After Phase 3 is Completed

Expansion Phase 1 (whoo hoo!!))                                                     COMPLETE!

Complete modular 1, adding

2 new classrooms (1,600 sq ft)…including awning,

ramp/decking, furnishings, & media equipment


Expansion Phase 2 (2,000 sq ft)                                                               $39,000

Renovation of nursery, pre-K and toddler classrooms.

Upgrading mom’s room / family space with LIVE streaming

Of the service. KidCity staffing support.


Expansion Phase 3 (1,600 sq ft)                                                               $46,000

Complete modular unit 2, adding dedicated student space

(middle & high school) and office space. KidCity security measures.




Total Project                                                                                               $85,000

Here are some suggested ways you can give…We’re not asking for equal gifts, but equal sacrifice.


Weekly Giving for 24 weeks

16 people giving $15/week

15 people giving $25/week

15 people giving $35/week


Monthly Giving for 6 months

15 people giving $75/month

15 people giving $150/month


One Time Giving

10 people giving $1,000

5 people giving $2,500

3 person giving $5,000